Certified Clinical Supervisor (CS)

The Clinical Supervisor directs and manages an effective clinical service delivery team using applicable principles of Social Work and/or Counseling which may include patient psychosocial assessment, group and individual psychotherapy, family intervention, patient/family education, and treatment planning. The Clinical Supervisor is one of the fastest-growing credentials in the field of addiction-related behavioral health care, as substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors are some of the fastest-growing professions. As more and more new counselors enter the field, the need for competent, trained, and ethical Clinical Supervisors has grown significantly. 

Who are Clinical Supervisors? Essential members of quality clinical programs, CSs teach, coach, mentor, and evaluate practitioners to assure appropriate and effective service delivery of substance use disorder services. Effective clinical supervision is fundamental to having an effective counseling workforce. Clinical Supervisors work to conduct individual supervision for assigned staff and provide guidance on diagnosis and quality measures, coordinate with other supervisors in facilitating clinical group supervision, and participate in quality improvement and operational meetings. Clinical supervisors also maintain caseloads and provide services to patients which may include biopsychosocial assessments, treatment plans, and individual, couples, family, and/or group therapy.

Learn More about the Certified Clinical Supervisor (CS) Requirements

Applicant must hold and maintain current certification as a CADC/ADC or AADC counselor at the IC&RC reciprocal level or hold a specialty substance abuse credential in another professional discipline in the human services field at the master’s level or higher.

5 years/10,000 hours of ADC counseling specific work experience plus 4000 hours of ADC supervisor work experience (4,000 hours may be included in the 10,000 hours and must include 200 hours of face-to-face clinical supervision). An associate’s degree in behavioral science may substitute for 1000 hours; a bachelor’s degree in behavioral science may substitute for 2000 hours; a master’s degree in behavioral science may substitute for 4000 hours.

30 hours of education specific to the first five IC&RC clinical supervision domains (see below) with a minimum of four hours in each. These hours must have been completed within five years prior to application submission.

Domains are as follows:

  • Counselor Development
  • Professional & Ethical Standards
  • Program Development & Quality Assurance
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Administration
  • Treatment Knowledge

Applicant must provide three (3) letters of recommendation from a supervisor, a peer within an agency, and an outside agency.  The letters should document the character, professionalism, and competency of the applicant, and must be sent with the application. 

Application Review Fee: $:55.00
PS Examination Fee $160 
Exam Verification Fee: This is an internal fee to be completed by NMCBBHP.