Certified Prevention Intern (CPI)

The Certified Prevention Intern credential is an entry-level certification, and there is no exam required for this credential. The basic requirement for certification is the performance of prevention skills and academic achievement. This credential recognizes prevention specialist interns who are entering the field of prevention with the minimum requirements. The CPI is viewed as an entry-level specialist in the area of prevention and is able to provide prevention services with supervision, to the degree allowed by applicable laws, statutes and regulations. Please note that the Intern status is only valid for a period of five years. Individuals are expected to pass the international IC&RC Written Prevention Exam and apply for the full CPS credential within that time frame.

Certified Prevention Intern (CPI) Requirements

The Certified Prevention Intern (CPI) credential is an entry-level certification; and is not eligible for reciprocity with IC&RC Member States.  Certificate is issued for a two-year period and is eligible for re-certification.  There is no exam required for this credential.

Work Experience
6 months/1,000 hours of Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD) within the past 3 years in prevention work experience.

A high school diploma or equivalent is required and verification must be submitted. Fifty-six (56) hours of prevention specific education. Eighteen (12) hours of this education must be ATOD specific.  Six hours must be specific to prevention ethics. These hours must have been completed within five years prior to application submission.

Sixty (60) hours specific to the domains (see below) with a minimum of ten hours in each domain.

CPI Domains

  • Planning & Evaluation
  • Prevention Education & Service Delivery
  • Communication
  • Community Organization
  • Public Policy and Environmental Change
  • Professional Growth and Responsibility

Application Review Fee: $55
Exam Fee: $0  (there is no exam)
Credential Fee: $110
Payment can be made online using Certemy.