Certified Family Support Worker (CFPSW)

The Certified Family Support Worker (CFPSW) supports parents and other primary caregivers to ensure their voice is heard and their natural support systems are strengthened. Through working with the CFPSW, caregivers increase their skills and confidence to effectively attain their goals and empower their families to navigate child-serving systems with more independence. The CFPSW serves as a role model; demonstrating effective advocacy skills, and building professional relationships. At times, CFPSWs share their own experience to establish a bond on similar experiences. The Family Peer Support Worker uses a strengths-based and culturally sensitive approach that is family-driven, and child-centered and considers cultural history, religion, life experiences, beliefs, and preferences.

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Applicant must be at least 18 years of age or older and have a valid driver’s license. You must be or have been a parent or primary caregiver of a child or youth who has received a mental health diagnosis or developmental disability diagnoses with a co-occurring mental health diagnosis before the age of 18, and have experience navigating child-serving systems on behalf of the child. A child serving system may include mental health services, special education, juvenile justice, or child protective services.


A high school diploma or equivalent is required and verification must be submitted.

Other FPSW requirements:
Ability to manage personal wellbeing
Must be able to clearly articulate their child’s disability and the services utilized
Successful completion of a week-long Parent Peer Support Provider Training Program.
Completion of 40 hours of pre-exposure/volunteer hours.


All candidates for Family Peer Support Worker Certification must also demonstrate completion of 40 hours of exposure to the child-serving systems of New Mexico. Supervisors will complete Hours Verification Form at completion of hours.

To apply to take the Family Peer Support Training to become a Family Peer Support Worker, review the training options, FPSW job description, certification requirements, certification checklist, Program Manual, and to complete your online eligibility application on the NMSU website.

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Family Peer Support

To become a Certified Family Peer Support Worker in New Mexico you will need to complete the PPSP Model Training. The next training will be announced and posted on the New Mexico State University (NMSU) website.

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To become a Family Peer Support Worker Supervisor trained in the FREDLA Parent Peer Support Practice you will need to take the PPSP Supervisor Training. The next training date will be announced and posted on the (NMSU) website.

Sign Up Here Button: https://bhs.nmsu.edu/programs/fpsw/

To sign up for the Family Peer Support Worker computer-based exam or online exam, all applications must be approved by the CYFD Behavioral Health Services and complete the Family Peer training successfully. NMCBBHP cannot allow anyone to take the CFPSW exam without first being approved by CYFD Behavioral Health Services. You must upload your copy of the FPSW Certificate when applying to Certemy.