The New Mexico Credentialing Board for Behavioral Health Professionals is a proud member of IC&RC, which protects the public by establishing standards and facilitating reciprocity for the credentialing of addiction-related professionals. The largest organization of its kind, IC&RC represents more than 40,000 professionals worldwide.

Reciprocity is the process of transferring an IC&RC credential from one IC&RC member board to another. In order to qualify for reciprocity, you must be fully certified with the IC&RC as a Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor (CADC), Certified Clinical Supervisor (CS), or Certified Prevention Specialist (PS). Some professionals may choose to maintain their credentials in multiple regions (for example, New Mexico and Texas) and to do so, you would be required to meet the ongoing re-certification standards with both NMCBBHP and the Texas board.

To apply for reciprocity, you would first determine if the board you are interested in transferring to offers the IC&RC credential that you hold with the NMCBBHP and IC&RC.

Reciprocity is typically a simple process with a couple of basic steps.

Reciprocity out of NMCBBHP to other IC&RC Member Boards:

The new board will contact you directly once you have completed the reciprocity process which typically takes several weeks. The NMCBBHP will not process reciprocity applications from individuals who are the subject of an active ethics investigation. Any ethics case must be resolved with the certified professional still deemed eligible for certification for the application to be processed.

Reciprocity Process:

Professional contacts the IC&RC Member Board in the jurisdiction to which he/she wants to relocate to learn about the requirements to reciprocate a credential.

  • Professional contacts current IC&RC Member Board for Reciprocity Application.
  • Professional completes the application and returns it to the current board with the appropriate fee.
  • Current board verifies the application and sends it to IC&RC.
  • IC&RC approves the application, notifies the professional, and sends it to board in a new location.
  • New board contacts professionals when the process is completed.
Reciprocity to NMCBBHP from other IC&RC Member Boards

If you are currently certified by an IC&RC member board in one or more of the qualifying IC&RC credentials: CADC (Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor), CS (Certified Clinical Supervisor), or PS (Certified Prevention Specialist), and are interested in applying for reciprocity, follow the process above.

Upon receipt of your application, NMCBBHP will issue you a NMCBBHP credential for no more than two years from your current expiration date, along with a simple application you must return.

If you choose to maintain your IC&RC credentials in another region, it is your responsibility to comply with the renewal standards of that board. The NMCBBHP does not have information about the renewal standards for other IC&RC member boards.

For information about the NMCBBHP renewal standards, please visit the renewal page.